Capture your Shot-making

Capture your shot-making in play using an easy interface and get in-play results on distance and accuracy of every club used.

gholfstats002 Keep track of your round statistics in-playgholfstats003

Analyse your shot-making

On-hand, Graphical Analyses of your shot-making:

gholfstats004 Analyse club and shot statisticsgholfstats001

Capture your Game

Improve your game by tracking shot results with your equipment.

Setup your own equipment and combination of clubs you use.

Configure your shot results e.g. fairway, semi rough, rough, out of play, hazard…

Begin capturing every round you play and build statistical data of your shot-making ability per club in the bag.


Gather your own personal shot-making data over time while also keeping track of your rounds played and scores captured.

By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can work on your game and shot-making and improve your scores.

Keep distance and accuracy statistics for every club in your bag!